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All our Orthotics are made in-house in our dedicated Orthotic Lab.

Orthotics Materials

We use a wide range range of materials that are specifically selected at the time of prescription to maximise the effectiveness of the device.

Semi-Bespoke Orthotics


These Orthotics are customised and adapted from stock devices and cater for most Musculoskeletal requirements. They are hard wearing, incredibly versatile and further modifications can be carried out quickly and easily.

Intermediate Orthotics


These devices are generally more hardwearing and offer increased control. Constructed of semi rigid thermoplastic and heat molded to client specification they are also adjustable if required at a later date.

Bespoke Casted Orthotics


These are manufactured from a slipper cast which is formed directly from the patients foot / feet.

Because of the labour intensity of the manufacturing process, these devices take longer to produce. There may be an initial fitting before the device is ready for completion.

The device is heat molded from Thermoplastic material dependant on the Prescribing Podiatrists choice.

Other Treatments

Chiropody & Podiatry

Deals with every type of foot pain and all aspects of Foot Health

Nail Surgery

Resolve ingrowing toe nail conditions with this minor surgical procedure

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